contact information

Contact Information

<reflection>Communication in an online course must compensate for the lack of physical access present in a f2f course. Providing students with efficient and reliable Contact Information to use during the course contributes to their confidence. They know from the start, the teacher is present and ready to help. This combined with timely replies, discussion posts, and evaluative feedback will give the student the impression the teacher is online 24/7.</reflection>


Phone:  (within the UK) 01638-523115; (outside the UK) 0044-1638-523115

Office Hours:  7:50am-3:25pm (GMT)*

*<edit>If you need to contact me outside of office hours, please use email. I have made this change after receiving feedback indicating I needed to communicate to students how to contact me outside of office hours. A student's ability to contact me when needed significantly contributes to their finding success in an online course.</edit> Greenwich Mean Time is six hours ahead of Central Standard Time in the United States. 

The Bottom Line: Your success is important to me. Our communication is critical to that success. Please be proactive in addressing questions and concerns related to the course. 

Background: Since I send weekly emails to my parents and students, email is the preferred method for communication. I rarely receive phone calls, but since I have a phone in my classroom I have provided the number. There are no limitations on student contacts, they can email anytime. Emails will be answered as soon as possible. If students call outside of office hours, I will not be there to answer the phone and students will not be able to leave a message. Email is the best method for contacting me.